Cristina Pancini

Arezzo, Italy

personal website

Cristina Pancini (1977), explorer, moves between various experimentations and as many technical solutions. She orients herself thanks to precious collaborations. Her starting point is the observation of everyday life, a source of questions, meanings and urgencies. Her favourite places are borders. Some of her most significant projects are: DeSidera, 2019, for the Musical High School F. Petrarca of Arezzo; Condominy, 2018-2019, for the youths of the Progetto Giovani of Milan’s National Institute of Tumours; Caterina, 2017-2018, devised for people living with Alzheimer’s, Palazzo Strozzi, Florence; Abbastanza spazio per la più tenera delle attenzioni, 2016, among dance, visual arts, urban sociology and architecture, Biennale Danza, Venice.