Curios & Sascha

Cagliari, Italy

Sascha Stein & Massimo Curios Cogoni
Sascha, dj born in Cologne in Germany with a passion for techno music, stands out for his continuous musical research and for selections with a romantic-cinematic style.
Massimo, historical DJ of the Cagliari environment, has played for the Harder Times, and is known for his deep knowledge of electronic and non-electronic music.
Together they form the Elettrocose duo which performs monthly in Cagliari, to present the latest new trends in the entire range of electronic music.
In the past years they have also organized the events of villanova _Fusion, review of musical experimentation and sound fusion, through the union of electronics and live instrument
food & sound, evenings of audio-gastronomic experiments, presenting musical selections studied and combined with the menu, creating synaesthetic effects between food and sounds
Black Hole sessions: monthly meetings with DJs and / or musicians who present music sessions exclusively on a particular record label, a specific musical genre or on a single producer / musician.
They participated in the Apes, Piknik, Suoni dal Borgo and many others festivals, and played in many nightclubs on the island landscape.