Giorgio Bosso

Naples, Italy

Giorgio Bosso, is an electro-acoustic musician and composer born in 1997 in Naples. Raised with a classical training, he began studying piano and composition from a very young age.

Active since 2016 in electroacoustic research, he is a student of the Electronic Music class of the “San Pietro a Majella” Conservatory in Naples. His research investigates and connects concrete and synthetic sound through the use of programming languages ​​such as PureData and Max / Msp.

In 2020 he graduated with a thesis on digital sound-morphing and live electronics devices. Currently involved as a member of the OEOAS (Electroacoustic Orchestra Officina Arti Soniche) and in the electroacoustic improvisation duo un_p together with Stefano Giampietro. He has performed in festivals and places such as: Tempo Reale Festival (Florence), Disorder Festival (Eboli), Geografie del Suono (Naples), Klang (Rome).

In addition to his activity as a musician and composer he worked as a sound designer for Sara Lupoli's contemporary dance performance "rosarosaerosae".

in collaboration with Steafano Giampietro
Giampietro & Bosso