Jose Iglesias

Madrid, Spain

MA Curating the Contemporary by the Whitechapel Gallery and the Metropolitan University of London. Currently studying in the Dutch Art Institute Roaming Academy.

Jose works as an artist -with solo shows as Facebook’s Pavilion (Palazzo Lucarini, 2014) or MÁQUINA EUROPA. Los hadrones de Clemente VII (INICIARTE, 2018) and collective exhibitions as ¿Qué sienten, que piensan los artistas andaluces de ahora? (CAAC, 2016) or Provincia 53, (MUSAC, 2017)- and curating exhibitions and collaborative projects -Melfas. Línea orgánica (MACSur, Buenos Aires, 2017), Arquitecturas de soledad (Fundación FiArt, 2015), ARTifariti 2016. International Art and Human Rights Meeting of Western Sahara (Saharaui refugee camps of Tindouf, Algeria, 2