Marco Salaris

Carbonia, Italy

Marco Salaris, born in Carbonia in 1988.
He obtained the 1st level Academic Diploma in Electronic Music, with full marks and honors, at the “G.P. da Palestrina ”in Cagliari.
At the same time and after his university studies he attended various training courses and seminars held by musicians and composers such as: Bernard Fort, Luigi Ceccarelli, Stefano Zorzanello, Marco Donnarumma, Domenico Sciajno, Tim Hodgkinson, Lionel Marchetti. He is Co-founder and member of the electroacoustic improvisation duo Terminale_3, with whom he released the album "I-son" (TiConZero, 2014).
He has played in international festivals such as: Signal, Music In Touch, Miniere Sonore, Acusmatica In Movimento, Spaziomusica, Contemporary Festival, Di_Stanze Festival. His works have been selected in the International Festivals: “Acusmatica in Movimento” 2011 Conservatorio “G.P. da Palestrina "of Cagliari, promoted by the French Embassy in Italy, in collaboration with IRCAM and MIUR"; “Festival Spaziomusica” 2012 Conservatory “G.P. da Palestrina ”of Cagliari. “Miniere Sonore Festival” 2012 Oristano; “DI_stanze Festival” 2013 Palermo. Organized by CIMA (Centro Interdisciplinare Musica d'Arte) in collaboration with the CEMAT Federation, “Music In Touch” 2013 “G.P. da Palestrina ”of Cagliari.
He has also collaborated in the technical realization of the following International Music Festivals: “Ai confini tra Sardegna e Jazz” (from 2006 to 2014 stage set up and audio management); “Signal Festival” (2011-2015 direction for setting up and managing A / V technologies); “Festival Spaziomusica” (preparation and management of A / V technologies); “Dromos” (2017 stage audio setup and management);
From 2017 to now he holds the courses of Preparation for Sound Technologies at the Institute of Training at Work in Assemini.
He has worked with an audience of children and minors in contexts such as: “Associazione Sub Scale” (from 2014 to 2015, assistant climbing coach); “FestArc” (“Orchestra di Riciclo” Laboratory, 2015); “Festa dei Popoli” (“Orchestra di Riciclo” workshop, 2016), DanzEstate Junior 2019 (“Rock Music, la musica dei primitives” workshop).

in collaboration with Filippo Mereu
Terminale 3