Sandro Mungianu

Cagliari, Italy

personal website

Sandro Mungianu, is an italian composer and a multimedia artist.

His career includes a wide range of performances, from contemporary and electroacoustic music to video art.

He studied piano, saxophone, clarinet and sound design in Italy, and he graduated from music conservatory in Electronic Music with a thesis entitled “Robotic in Music To Exceed Human Potential”, building and developing robotic instruments to augment musicians’ abilities.

He also lived in Switzerland where he majored in Composition and Theory, improving his studies in Music Composition, Multimedia Arts, Digital Signal Processing and Orchestral Conducting for classical and contemporary repertoire.

His music has been played in festivals and seasons all over the world and he received important prizes in prestigious international competitions like Unique Forms Of Continuity In Space, in Australia.

He founded several music ensembles with whom played tenor saxophone and electronic music and he played clarinet and laptop in the Galata Electroacoustic Orchestra, award winning in the Biennale of Venezia (34th “Franco Abbiati” Music Critics Awards).

He actually works as a teacher and he is also involved in the management of contemporary music festivals.

in collaboration with Matteo Leone Diego Soddu Walter Demuro Francesco Medas