Pescara, Italy

Triac is a trio project led by Rossano Polidoro of former duo TU M’ whose beautiful 2009 sold out LINE release Monochromes Vol.1 (LINE_040) garnered great acclaim. 

The follow up to their 2015 album 'Days'(LINE_071) is 'Here'. 

For listeners who appreciate the works of Celer, William Basinski, and Stephan Mathieu. 

TRIAC is a discrete electronic music trio formed in the end of 2011. Their work also encompasses audiovisual art installations about the relations between sound/space atmospheres and natural elements. Their first album in a room was released in 2014 on Russian label Mikroton. 

music composed and perfomed by Triac in 2015-2016. 

Rossano Polidoro (of TU M’): laptop 
Marco Seracini: piano, synth 
Augusto Tatone: electric bass

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